Citrus Creations

Download these appetizing applications and quench your thirst for menu inspiration.  

Sliced, grilled chicken breast over
a bowl of pasta with a lemon garlic
butter cream sauce with pine nuts
and parmesan.
Marinated grilled chicken breast strips tossed with avocados, cherry tomatoes, grilled orange slices, cilantro and romaine lettuce with a lime vinaigrette.

Chicken breast seasoned with paprika, cayenne, salt, brown sugar, lemon, and
red pepper flakes, in flour tortillas with cabbage and a lime fruit salsa.
Orange and lime juice marinated chicken breast strips rolled in corn tortillas and bathed in enchilada sauce, topped with queso fresco, sliced onion, cilantro and serrano peppers.

Tender, Juicy Products. Emphasis On Juicy

Ready to Cook IQF Fillets:
Boneless, skinless and ready to cook, Brakebush fillets are available whenever you need them. Add your special touch and become a gourmet - easily.

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ABF Diced Natural Chicken Breast:
Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, our antibiotic free natural chicken breast makes for an easy, versatile addition to salads, sides and entrees.

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Original Coated Pre-browned Tenderloins: 
We have a full range of breading profiles to satisfy any of your needs. They’re ready to toss in the fryer or oven for quick prep and maximum convenience. 

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Who is Brakebush?

We’ve been innovating, perfecting, and producing great chicken for as long as we can remember. It’s all we’ve ever done, for over 90 years. And in that time, we’ve provided our customers with chicken they can count on for consistency, differentiation, and new menu items. But most importantly, you can count on us to always find refreshing ways to make your menu the best it can be.
Add Flavor, Not Fat: 
Citrus zest is the perfect way to add flavor to a dish without having to resort to extra salt or fat. Plus, in addition to its fresh taste and aroma, it adds a dash of color that can make your dishes picture perfect.
Heat Things Up:
You can take your citrus recipes to the next level by charring your fruits before using them. Toss them on a stove-top or in the oven, and their natural sugars caramelize to create a uniquely appetizing flavor.
Get Down to Crunch Time:
Your citrus-inspired salads, pastas and wraps take on a whole new dimension with the addition of crispy textures. Brakebush breaded chicken tenderloins are versatile enough to give any dish that craveable crunch guests are looking for.